Eleanor Barnes

"With every step, I was thoroughly informed. Peni always gave honest professional opinions and was almost always immediately available. I didn't know real estate agents could be that good--she's the best I've ever known."

Ronald & Christine Tsunehara

"We wanted to sell our home quickly. Peni developed a marketing plan and set the price such that the house sold within 2 days."

Hui-Chen Smith

"Peni kept me abreast of everything and was always there for me. Her advice was of the utmost importance and her expertise was part and parcel to the transaction. Peni was my staunchest advocate. I would use her again without hesitation."

Timothy Paek & Ellen Kim

"Peni has an excellent knowledge of real estate, the market, even construction. She was a very good listener, always available, and was good at problem-solving."

Brett & Yvonne Willard

"Peni is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has our utmost trust and respect. Windermere, and Peni specifically, are so far superior to [the competition] that it is almost laughable. Peni is an outstanding agent and person."

Matthew Kenney & Jane Lagergren

"Her 24 hour availability, her exceptional wit and intelligence, and her complete understanding of the issues and personnel she was dealing with made her exceptional."

Kyle & Kristin Sugamele

"Peni kept us in the loop on what was happening with the market as well as with her schedule. She was very easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to email and voice mail."

Robert & Yvette Edwards

"We believe Peni is one of the best agents on the island. We really enjoyed working with Peni. She is extremely professional."

Jon & Marne Schmitz

"Peni is a superstar!"

George & Esther Drexler

"Peni just radiated a positive attitude - we are impressed!"

Joseph & Kathleen Omelas

"This is the third time we have used Peni. We have also referred her in the past and would again!"